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maUSStringHeritage< notificationLevel > Class Template Reference

#include <maUSString.h>

Inherits CoreModifiableAttributeData< T >.

Public Member Functions

 maUSStringHeritage (CoreModifiable &owner, bool isInitAttribute, KigsID ID, const kstl::string &value)
 Extra constructors.
virtual bool getValue (kstl::string &value) const override
 getValue overloads
virtual bool setValue (const char *value) override
 setValue overloads
auto & operator= (const unsigned short *attribute)
const unsigned short * us_str () const
 return a const unsigned short* pointer on internal value

Detailed Description

template<int notificationLevel>
class maUSStringHeritage< notificationLevel >

CoreModifiableAttributeData of usstring with different level of notification.

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