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XMLNodeBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <XMLNode.h>

Public Member Functions

void setType (XMLNodeType type)
 set node type
XMLNodeType getType ()
 return node type
XMLNodeBasegetChildElement (unsigned int index=0)
 return child node by index
XMLNodeBasegetChildElement (const std::string &name)
 return child node by name
int getChildCount ()
 return node's children count
int getAttributeCount ()
 return attribute count for this node
XMLAttributeBase * getAttribute (int index)
 return one attribute by index
XMLAttributeBase * getAttribute (const std::string_view &name)
 return one attribute by name
XMLAttributeBase * getAndRemoveAttribute (const std::string_view &name)
 return one attribute by name and remove it from list (useful when parsing xml struct and you are sure you will access attribute only once)
virtual int getInt () const =0
 return value as an int
virtual kfloat getFloat () const =0
 return value as a kfloat

Protected Attributes

XMLNodeType mType
 node type
kstl::vector< XMLNodeBase * > mChildren
 node children
kstl::vector< XMLAttributeBase * > mAttributes
 node attributes

Detailed Description

Base class for templated XML Node class.

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