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Mesh::ThreeNormalTriangleStruct Class Reference

#include <KMesh.h>

Inherited by Mesh::S_Triangle.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ThreeNormalTriangleStruct ()
virtual void CopyTo (ThreeNormalTriangleStruct *T)
 copy to triangle More...
void Load (BufferedFile *currentfile)
 read Na, Nb and Nc value in a file More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int Na
 index of normals
unsigned int Nb
 index of normals
unsigned int Nc
 index of normals

Detailed Description

Triangle with normal at each vertex.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CopyTo()

void Mesh::ThreeNormalTriangleStruct::CopyTo ( ThreeNormalTriangleStruct T)

copy to triangle

T: triangle to copy to

◆ Load()

void Mesh::ThreeNormalTriangleStruct::Load ( BufferedFile currentfile)

read Na, Nb and Nc value in a file

currentfile: BufferedFile to read

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