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CompassAndroid Class Reference

#include <CompassAndroid.h>

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Static Public Attributes

const static int SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST = 0
const static int SENSOR_DELAY_GAME = 1
const static int SENSOR_DELAY_UI = 2
const static int SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL = 3

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from CompassDevice
 CompassDevice (const kstl::string &name, DECLARE_CLASS_NAME_TREE_ARG)
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void getPos (kfloat &posX, kfloat &posY, kfloat &posZ)
 retreive current position More...

Detailed Description

Android compass management.

Member Data Documentation


const static int CompassAndroid::SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST = 0

get sensor data as fast as possible


const static int CompassAndroid::SENSOR_DELAY_GAME = 1

rate suitable for games


const static int CompassAndroid::SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL = 3

rate (default) suitable for screen orientation changes


const static int CompassAndroid::SENSOR_DELAY_UI = 2

rate suitable for the user interface

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