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BinMeshLoaderBase::MaterialDesc Class Reference

#include <BinMeshLoaderBase.h>

Inherits BinMeshLoaderBase::BinFileStruct.

Public Attributes

BlendFuncSource mBlendFuncSource
 link to the Blend Function Source
BlendFuncDest mBlendFuncDest
 link to the Blend Function Destination
char mBlendEnabled
 TRUE if blending is enabled.
char mMaterialColorEnabled
 TRUE if material color is enabled.
int stageCount
 number of stage
float ambient [4]
 ambient color (float[4])
float diffuse [4]
 diffuse color (float[4])
float specular [4]
 specular color (float[4])
float emissive [4]
 emissive color (float[4])
float alpha
 alpha value
float shininess
 shininess value
unsigned int triangleCount
 triangle number
 link to the StageDesc structure

Detailed Description

contain the material description of the binMesh file

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