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AccelerometerDevice Class Referenceabstract

#include <AccelerometerDevice.h>

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Public Member Functions

void getPos (kfloat &posX, kfloat &posY, kfloat &posZ)
 retreive current position More...

Detailed Description

Base class for accelerometer.


Key : AccX

Key : AccY

Key : AccZ

Key : PosX

Key : PosY

Key : PosZ

Key : Rate

Key : RawAccX

Key : RawAccY

Key : RawAccZ

Key : VelX

Key : VelY

Key : VelZ

Member Function Documentation

◆ getPos()

void AccelerometerDevice::getPos ( kfloat &  posX,
kfloat &  posY,
kfloat &  posZ 

retreive current position

posX: position on x axis (in/out param)
posY: position on y axis (in/out param)

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