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AGroupIndexList Class Reference

#include <AGroupIndexList.h>


class  AGroupInfo

Public Member Functions

 AGroupIndexList ()
 ~AGroupIndexList ()
void AddGroup (IntU32 id, IntU32 intervalcount)
void RemoveGroup (IntU32 id)
void SetGroupInterval (IntU32 g_id, IntU32 index, IntU32 min, IntU32 max)
AIndexIntervalGetGroupIntervals (IntU32 g_id)
IntU32 GetGroupIntervalCount (IntU32 g_id)

Protected Member Functions

AGroupInfoGetGroupInfo (IntU32 g_id)
void AddGroupInfo (AGroupInfo *to_add)

Detailed Description

Class used to store indexes of values for each groups in an AEntitySet

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AGroupIndexList()

AGroupIndexList::AGroupIndexList ( )


◆ ~AGroupIndexList()

AGroupIndexList::~AGroupIndexList ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ AddGroup()

void AGroupIndexList::AddGroup ( IntU32  id,
IntU32  intervalcount 

Add a group in the list, with the given id and interval count

◆ AddGroupInfo()

void AGroupIndexList::AddGroupInfo ( AGroupInfo to_add)

add the given groupinfo in the list, the list is sorted by id

◆ GetGroupInfo()

AGroupIndexList::AGroupInfo * AGroupIndexList::GetGroupInfo ( IntU32  g_id)

return a pointer on the group info with given id

◆ GetGroupIntervalCount()

IntU32 AGroupIndexList::GetGroupIntervalCount ( IntU32  g_id)

return the interval count for the given group

◆ GetGroupIntervals()

AIndexInterval * AGroupIndexList::GetGroupIntervals ( IntU32  g_id)

return a pointer on first interval

◆ RemoveGroup()

void AGroupIndexList::RemoveGroup ( IntU32  id)

Remove the group with given group id

◆ SetGroupInterval()

void AGroupIndexList::SetGroupInterval ( IntU32  g_id,
IntU32  index,
IntU32  min,
IntU32  max 

set the given interval for the given group

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