Kigs Framework  Doc version 0.8
Open source multi purpose Rapid Application Development framework
Here is a list of all modules:
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 2D layers module2DLayers Classes
 CameraWebcam / video management
 Collision moduleManage intersection and collisions
 Core moduleBase classes and mechanisms used by all other classes
 CoreModifiableAttibuteGroup of coreModifiableAttribute
 FileManager moduleManage pathes for resource files and file read / write ... methods
 Animation moduleAnimation module
 Bone Animation submodule
 GUI base moduleGUIModule Classes
 GUI IPhone module
 HTTPRequest module
 Kigs ImGUI integration
 Input moduleManage keyboards, pad, mouse..
 InputIPhone moduleManage keyboards, pad, mouse... with IPhone
 Lua Kigs integration
 Renderer moduleManage rendering
 SceneGraphManage 3D scenes
 Soundmanager base module
 SoundManager OpenAL moduleOpenAL implementation of the sound manager
 Thread moduleBase thread management
 manage time
 TinyImageModulePicture file management
 XML moduleXml read/write