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XMLTemplate< StringType > Class Template Reference

#include <XML.h>

Inheritance diagram for XMLTemplate< StringType >:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~XMLTemplate ()
 XMLTemplate ()
 default constructor
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLBase
void setEncoding (std::string encoding)
 set the encoding type (string)
void setVersion (std::string version)
 set the version (string)
void setStandalone (std::string standalone)
 set standalone (string)
std::string getVersion ()
 return version (string)
std::string getEncoding ()
 return encoding (string)
std::string getStandalone ()
 return standalone (string)
void setRoot (XMLNodeBase *root)
 set the root node
XMLNodeBasegetRoot ()
 return root node
void WriteFile (const std::string &filename)
 write the current xml hierarchy to a xml file

Static Public Member Functions

static XMLTemplatecreateXML ()
 create a empty XMLTemplate instance
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XMLBase
static XMLBaseReadFile (const std::string &filename, const char *force_as_format)
 read the given xml file, and return the XMLTemplate instance giving the xml hierarchy
static bool ReadFile (const std::string &filename, CoreModifiable *delegateObject, const char *force_as_format)
 read the given xml file, using the given delegate to parse

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from XMLBase
std::string mEncoding
std::string mVersion
std::string mStandalone
std::string mPath
 original path wheh loadded if available
XMLNodeBasemRoot =nullptr
 root node

Detailed Description

template<typename StringType>
class XMLTemplate< StringType >

Manage XML structure using string or string_view.

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