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XMLAttributeTemplate< StringType > Class Template Reference

#include <XMLAttribute.h>

Inherits XMLAttributeBase.

Public Member Functions

 XMLAttributeTemplate (const StringType &name, const StringType &value)
 constructor for string attributes
 XMLAttributeTemplate (const char *name, const char *value)
 constructor for string attributes
 XMLAttributeTemplate (const char *name, unsigned int namelen, const char *value, unsigned int valuelen)
 constructor for string attributes
 XMLAttributeTemplate (const StringType &name, int value)
 constructor for int attributes
 XMLAttributeTemplate (const StringType &name, kfloat value)
 constructor for kfloat attributes
 ~XMLAttributeTemplate ()
 destructor ( no need for virtual as XMLAttributeTemplate will not have inheritance )
void setString (const StringType &value)
 set attribute value with the given string parameter
void setInt (const int value)
 set attribute value with the given int parameter
void setFloat (const kfloat value)
 set attribute value with the given kfloat parameter
int getInt () const override
 return value as an int
kfloat getFloat () const override
 return value as a kfloat

Detailed Description

template<typename StringType>
class XMLAttributeTemplate< StringType >

Manage XML attributes structure using string or string_view.

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