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ModuleSceneGraph Class Reference

#include <ModuleSceneGraph.h>

Inherits ModuleBase.

Public Member Functions

 declare module

bool addItem (const CMSP &item, ItemPosition pos=Last DECLARE_DEFAULT_LINK_NAME) override
 add item at first or last position
unsigned int GetCurrentVisibleNodeIndex () const
 retreive current visible Node Index More...
void AddVisibleNode (Node3D *node)
 add a visible node More...
Node3DGetVisibleNode (unsigned int index) const
 retreive a visible Node Index More...
void ResetVisibleNodeList ()
 reset visible node

Protected Attributes

SP< TravStatemTravState = nullptr
 current state for the culling or drawing
 renderer used by the module
kstl::set< Scene3D *, Scene3DPriorityComparemScenes
 list of scene
Node3DmVisiblesNodeList [MAX_VISIBLE_NODES]
 visibles 3D nodes, the liste is setup during the travcull for each nodes
unsigned int mCurrentVisibleNodeIndex
 index of the current visible node
maBool mSceneListNeedsSort
 TRUE if scene list need to be sorted.

Detailed Description

Manage all Scenes ( 3D and 2D ).

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddVisibleNode()

void ModuleSceneGraph::AddVisibleNode ( Node3D node)

add a visible node

node: visible node to add

◆ GetCurrentVisibleNodeIndex()

unsigned int ModuleSceneGraph::GetCurrentVisibleNodeIndex ( ) const

retreive current visible Node Index

the current visible node

◆ GetVisibleNode()

Node3D * ModuleSceneGraph::GetVisibleNode ( unsigned int  index) const

retreive a visible Node Index

index of the visible node

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