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Mesh::ThreeColorTriangleStruct Class Reference

#include <KMesh.h>

Inherited by Mesh::FG_Triangle, Mesh::G_Triangle, and Mesh::SG_Triangle.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ThreeColorTriangleStruct ()
virtual void CopyTo (ThreeColorTriangleStruct *T)
 copy to triangle More...
void Load (BufferedFile *currentfile)
 read Ca, Cb and Cc value in a file More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int Ca
 index of colors a
unsigned int Cb
 index of colors b
unsigned int Cc
 index of colors c

Detailed Description

Triangle with a color at each vertex.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CopyTo()

void Mesh::ThreeColorTriangleStruct::CopyTo ( ThreeColorTriangleStruct T)

copy to triangle

T: triangle to copy to

◆ Load()

void Mesh::ThreeColorTriangleStruct::Load ( BufferedFile currentfile)

read Ca, Cb and Cc value in a file

currentfile: BufferedFile to read

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