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CoreModifiableAttribute Class Referenceabstract

#include <CoreModifiableAttribute.h>

Inheritance diagram for CoreModifiableAttribute:
maComputedNumericHeritage< notificationLevel, T, attributeType > maComputedNumericHeritage< double >

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isReadOnly ()
 Read only attributes cannot be modified with setValue.
virtual bool isInitParam ()
 return true if attribute is an init attribute (necessary for the CoreModifiable Init to be done)

Static Public Member Functions

static void ParseAttributePath (const kstl::string &path, kstl::string &CoreModifiablePath, kstl::string &CoreModifiableAttributeLabel)
 retreive attribute label and coremodifiable path in a full path. Format is corepath->attributelabel
static kstl::string typeToString (CoreModifiable::ATTRIBUTE_TYPE typ)
 convert enum to readable string
static CoreModifiable::ATTRIBUTE_TYPE stringToType (const kstl::string_view &typ)
 convert string to type enum

Detailed Description

Base class for all CoreModifiableAttribute . This class is just composed of virtual methods.

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