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AnonymousModule Class Reference

#include <AnonymousModule.h>

Inherits ModuleBase.

Public Member Functions

 AnonymousModule (const kstl::string &name, DECLARE_CLASS_NAME_TREE_ARG)
 constructor More...
virtual ~AnonymousModule ()
 destructor More...
void Init (KigsCore *core, const kstl::vector< CoreModifiableAttribute * > *params) override
 initialize module More...
void Close () override
 close module More...
void Update (const Timer &timer, void *addParam) override
 update module More...

Detailed Description

Base class for anonymous module.

this class is used to load modules from dll without having a base module in a static lib an anonymous module generally register very specific classes (sfx, 3D objects, ...) which are seen from the application as basic objects Example : a runtime generated and rendered tree class (forest) is used by the scenegraph like a CoordinateSystem there's no need for a base class for it (other than CoordinateSystem) so an anonymous module is fine

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AnonymousModule()

AnonymousModule::AnonymousModule ( const kstl::string &  name,


macro to auto implement static members

name: instance name
DECLARE_CLASS_NAME_TREE_ARG: list of arguments

an anonymous module can be instanciated

constructor just call ModuleBase constructor

◆ ~AnonymousModule()

AnonymousModule::~AnonymousModule ( )


destructor do nothing

virtual destructor for inherited module

Member Function Documentation

◆ Close()

void AnonymousModule::Close ( )

close module

call BaseClose();

◆ Init()

void AnonymousModule::Init ( KigsCore core,
const kstl::vector< CoreModifiableAttribute * > *  params 

initialize module

init : load associated dll and call the ModuleInit method

core: link to the core, NOT NULL
params: list of parameters, CAN BE NULL

◆ Update()

void AnonymousModule::Update ( const Timer timer,
void *  addParam 

update module

timer: timer global

call BaseUpdate(timer);

Reimplemented from CoreModifiable.

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