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AndroidAudioSource Class Reference

#include <AndroidAudioSource.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AndroidAudioSource (const kstl::string &name, DECLARE_CLASS_NAME_TREE_ARG)
 Kigs constructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AudioSource
 AudioSource (const kstl::string &name, DECLARE_CLASS_NAME_TREE_ARG)
 Kigs constructor.
bool Draw (TravState *state) override
 Draw sound if the current listener is active.
bool addItem (CoreModifiable *item, ItemPosition pos=Last DECLARE_DEFAULT_LINK_NAME) override
bool removeItem (CoreModifiable *item DECLARE_DEFAULT_LINK_NAME) override
void GetBoundingBox (Point3D &pmin, Point3D &pmax) const override

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~AndroidAudioSource ()
virtual void Protected1Draw (TravState *state)
 method used to play sound data from current buffer
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AudioSource
virtual ~AudioSource ()

Protected Attributes

maBool myIsAttenuated
 attenuation on/off
maFloat myAttenuation
 attenuation value (0~1)
maBool myIsComputedPan
 pan on/off
maFloat myPan
 pan value (-1~1)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AudioSource
maFloat myPitch
 sound pitch (affect sound speed and tone)
maFloat myGain
 sound gain (affect sound volume)
maBool myIsLooping
 looping flag (if true, sound will loop)
maBool myIsPlaying
 playing flag (true if the sound is playing)
maUInt myState
 current state (0:stop, 1:play, 2:pause)
maFloat m_ReferenceDistance
 minimum distance used for attenuation computing
maFloat m_MaxDistance
 maximum distance used for attenuation computing
maFloat m_RollOfFactor
 attenuation factor (higher value means faster attenuation)
 current sound buffer


class AndroidAudioBuffer

Detailed Description

manage an audio source for Nitro

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