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APRSKeyStream Class Reference

#include <APRSKeyStream.h>

Inheritance diagram for APRSKeyStream:
APRSStream AStream< PRSKey > APRSBezierKeyStream

Public Member Functions

void InitFromResource (AnimationResourceInfo *info, IntU32 streamindex) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from APRSStream
LocalToGlobalBaseType * NewStreamOutputDataInstance () override
void DeleteStreamOutputDataInstance (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data) override
void InitData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data) override
void LERPData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data, Float t) override
void IdentityData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data) override
bool SameData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data, LocalToGlobalBaseType *other_data) override
void MulData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *inout, LocalToGlobalBaseType *input) override
void MulInvData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data1, LocalToGlobalBaseType *data2) override
void MulInvData2 (LocalToGlobalBaseType *data1, LocalToGlobalBaseType *data2)
void CopyData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *dst, LocalToGlobalBaseType *src) override
void SetAndModifyData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *currentData, LocalToGlobalBaseType *goalData, LocalToGlobalBaseType *startAnimData) override
ATimeValue GetStreamLength () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from AStream< PRSKey >
void Start () override
void Stop () override

Protected Member Functions

void UpdateData (LocalToGlobalBaseType *standdata) override

Detailed Description

The stream class used to store keyframe animation for bone animations

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitFromResource()

void APRSKeyStream::InitFromResource ( AnimationResourceInfo info,
IntU32  streamindex 

init the stream with the given resource set up the pointer on keyframe info ...

◆ UpdateData()

void APRSKeyStream::UpdateData ( LocalToGlobalBaseType *  standdata)

Updated data according to the the local time interpolate between keys and set stand data if no keys

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