Kigs Framework  Doc version 0.8
Open source multi purpose Rapid Application Development framework
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAABBTreeRoot ABBTreeNode + all buffers to manage collisions
 CAABBTreeNodeNode structure in a Axis Aligned Bounding box tree, used to optimise intersection calculation
 CAbstract2DLayerBase class for 2D Layers
 CAccelerometerAndroidAndroid Accelerometer management
 CAccelerometerDeviceBase class for accelerometer
 CActionTimeOperatorReturn current context time if available
 CAlphaMaskPicture mask for touch management
 CAndroidAudioBufferManage an audio buffer for Android
 CAndroidAudioListenerManage an audio listener for Android
 CAndroidAudioListenerActivatorSame as AudioListenerActivator but doesn't compute velocity (for performance purposes)
 CAndroidAudioSourceManage an audio source for Nitro
 CAnonymousModuleBase class for anonymous module
 CAPI3DCutShaderDX11 Cut Shader
 CAPI3DDeferredFilterGLSL deferred shader implementation
 CAPI3DGenericMeshShaderDX11 Generic Mesh Shader
 CAPI3DLightDX11 Light
 CAPI3DShaderDX11 Shader
 CAPI3DSkinShaderSpecialized GLSL Shader for skinned mesh
 CAPI3DUIShaderDX11 UI Shader
 CAPI3DUniformBaseBase class for uniform, DX11 API
 CAPI3DUniformBufferManage an data buffer as sharder uniform
 CAPI3DUniformDataTextureData texture (dynamic) passed as a uniform
 CAPI3DUniformFloatOne float uniform
 CAPI3DUniformFloat2Two float uniform
 CAPI3DUniformFloat3Three float uniform
 CAPI3DUniformFloat4Four float uniform
 CAPI3DUniformGeneratedTextureGenerated Noise Data texture passed as a uniform
 CAPI3DUniformIntOne int uniform
 CAPI3DUniformMatrixArrayManage an array of matrix as sharder uniform
 CAPI3DUniformTextureTexture passed as a uniform
 CAsciiParserUtilsTemplateUtility class to parse ascii buffer
 CASEMeshLoaderLoad mesh in ASE format
 CAsyncRequestManage asynchronous request
 CAudioListenerAudio listener holds parameters for computing heard sounds from audio sources
 CAudioListenerActivatorAudio listener activator is a drawable used to update and activate audio listener during predraw process, the activator is always attached under its listener
 CAudioSourceAudio source holds parameters for computing emitted sounds
 CAutoOrientedNode3DUpNode3D updragor to auto orient node
 CBase2DLayerObsolete 2D Layer
 CBaseDDSequenceA data driven sequence
 CBaseUI2DLayerUI rendering support
 CBCylinderBounding cylinder, for collision calculation purpose
 CBillboard3DBillboard ( front facing camera texture ) object
 CBinMeshLoaderImport mesh from a binary file
 CBinMeshLoaderBaseUtility class to load mesh files
 CBMPClassTinyImage specialized for BMP management
 CBox2DBindModuleGeneric module for Box2D integration
 CBox2DBodyWrap a box2D body (<=> rigid body)
 CBox2DShapeWrap a box2D shape
 CBoxColliderBox collision object
 CBSphereSphere structure used for collision calculation
 CBufferedFileBuffered file class
 CBuildShaderStructUtility class to build shaders
 CBumperDDSequenceSplash screen
 CCameraAbstract class, special Node3D to manage a camera ( viewpoint in the scene )
 CCameraModuleGeneric Camera management module
 CCameraWUPUWP specific webcamera management
 CCharToIDCharToID utility class, convert a string to an int ID
 CColladaParserClass used to parse collada files (.dae)
 CCollisionEncapsulate useful collision calculation methods
 CCollisionBaseNodeBase class for collidable objects
 CCollisionBaseObjectBase class for collision object (sphere, box, mesh...)
 CCollisionManagerManager class to manage collision
 CCollisionModuleGeneric Module collision / intersection management
 CCompassAndroidAndroid compass management
 CCompassDeviceBase class for compass management
 CCoordinateSystemUpNode3D updragor to have access to node translation / rotation utilities
 CCoreActionSpecial CoreItem type used to animate attributes
 CCoreActionDirectKeyFrameDirect access to animated value ( without setvalue )
 CCoreActionFunctionManage a CoreItemOperator kind of computation
 CCoreActionKeyFrameKeyframe CoreAction
 CCoreActionKeyFrameBaseBase class for Keyframe CoreAction
 CCoreActionRawKeyFrameBase class for CoreActionDirectKeyFrame
 CCoreActionWaitDo nothing CoreAction
 CCoreBaseApplicationBase class for applications
 CCoreDecoratorBase class for decorator class
 CCoreItemAnimationContextSpecial evaluation context for animations
 CCoreMapMap of RefCountedBaseClass, maintain ref count of instances in map
 CCoreModifiableBase class for Kigs framework objects. CoreModifiable class manage a list of attributes supporting reflexion and serialization. CoreModifiable also support reference counting, auto update, instance factory..
 CCoreModifiableAttributeBase class for all CoreModifiableAttribute . This class is just composed of virtual methods
 CCorePackageManage packages and files inside packages
 CCorePackageFileAccessFile access delegate for integration in Kigs generic file management
 CCoreTreeNodeManage all CoreModifiable classes and instances tree
 CCullingObjectBase class for culling objects
 CDDSClassTinyImage specialized for DDS management
 CDecoratedFuncBase1ParamWeird, do not use base class ??
 CDecoratedFuncBase2ParamWeird, do not use base class ??
 CDecoratedFuncBase3ParamWeird, do not use base class ??
 CDeviceItemBaseStateAbstract base class for device item state
 CDictionaryFromJsonConstruct CoreItem tree from a JSon buffer
 CDictionaryFromJsonUTF16Construct CoreItem tree from a JSon buffer in UTF16
 CDirectRenderingMethodsBase class to draw specific objects directly (in the current rendering context)
 CDisplayDeviceCapsSpecific Win32 GUI module
 CDisplayDeviceCapsAndroidSpecific DisplayDeviceCaps for Android platform
 CDisplayDeviceCapsJavascriptJavascript display device capacities
 CDisplayDeviceCapsWin32Specific Win32 DisplayDeviceCaps, used to get display device list and capacities
 CDistanceEncapsulate useful distance calculation methods
 CDoNothingObjectObject which do nothing
 CDrawableBase class for all drawable objects
 CDrawableCallbackPost notification when in Predraw, Draw and Postdraw
 CDrawableSorterAbstract base class for Drawable sorting
 CDrawableSorter_CameraSort drawables back to front
 CDrawableSorterItemUtility structure to sort drawable
 CDrawableSwitchDraw only one selected son
 CDrawVerticeDraw a dynamic mesh
 CDX11CameraDX11 implementation of Camera
 CDX11CameraOrthoDX11 implementation of orthographic camera
 CDX11MaterialDX11 implementation of Material
 CDX11RenderingScreenDX11 implementation of RenderingScreen
 CDX11TextureDX11 implementation of Texture
 CETCClassTinyImage specialized for ETC management
 CFixedImageBufferStreamUtility class to use a fixed image as a buffer stream
 CFogAdd fog to the scene
 CFontMapManagerManage font textures
 CFrameBufferStreamManage an array of buffers to receive video stream
 CFreeType_TextDrawerDraw freetype texts in texture buffers
 CGenericCameraBase class to manage webcamera / video capture devices
 CGenericRefCountedBaseClassBase class for refcounting classes, no other dependencies
 CGenericShrinkerReduce frame buffer resolution
 CGeolocationAndroidAndroid GPS management
 CGeolocationDXSpecific DirectX geolocation device
 CGIFClassTinyImage specialized for PNG management
 CGPSTriggerUsed to go back of a sequence if user go to far from the interest point
 CGyroscopeAndroidAndroid Gyroscope management
 CHDrawableDrawable with a different hierarchy drawing policy
 CHolo3DPanelDraw a textured quad or circular panel
 CHTTPAsyncRequestManage Async HTTP Request
 CHTTPAsyncRequestWUPUWP specific HTTP Request
 CHTTPConnectConnect to an http serveur
 CHTTPConnectWUPUWP specific HTTP Connect class
 CHTTPRequestModuleGeneric Module for HTTP Request classes
 CHTTPRequestModuleWUPUWP specific HTTP Request module
 CImGuiLayerSpecialized 2D layer for ImGui display
 CInstanceFactoryRegister and instanciate classes
 CIPlanePlane structure for collision calculations
 CJoystickAndroidAndroid Joystick management
 CJoystickDXSpecific DirectX joystick device
 CJPEGClassTinyImage specialized for JPEG management
 CJSonFileParserBaseBase class for JSon parser
 CKeyboardAndroidAndroid keyboard management
 CKeyboardDXSpecific DirectX keyboard device
 CKeyToAsciiDXSpecific DirectX KeyToAscii utility class
 CKigsBitmapPixel buffer used as a Texture
 CLightBase class, generic light object
 CLuaKigsBindModuleGeneric module for LUA integration
 CmaArrayBaseCoreModifiableAttributeData for array
 CmaArrayHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData for array with different level of notification
 CmaBoolHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData for bool with different level of notification
 CmaBufferCoreModifiable managing a CoreRawBuffer
 CmaBufferHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData of reference with different notification level
 CmaComputedNumericHeritageNumeric calling onwer get / set method to compute value
 CmaEnumBaseCoreModifiableAttributeData for an enum
 CmaEnumHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData for an enum with different level of notification
 CmaNumericHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData for numeric without different level of notification
 CmaReferenceCoreModifiableAttribute managing a reference
 CmaReferenceHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData for reference on CoreModifiable
 CmaStringHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData of string with different level of notification
 CMaterialBase class, generic material object
 CMaterialStageBase class for material stage
 CmaUSStringHeritageCoreModifiableAttributeData of usstring with different level of notification
 CmaVectorCoreModifiableAttributeData for vector array with one dimension
 CMeshOld style Mesh
 CMeshItemGroupGroup used in old style Mesh
 CMinimalXMLFast minimal XML parser
 CModernMeshOptimized mesh class
 CModernMeshBuilderUtility class to create a ModernMesh instance from triangle lists
 CModernMeshItemGroupGroup of triangles with the same characteristics
 CModule2DLayersGeneric Module for 2D drawing ( IHM, sprites...)
 CModuleCameraWUPSpecific UWP camera module
 CModuleCoreAnimationManage animated values
 CModuleDDSequenceManage Data Driven Sequences for Data Driven Application
 CModuleDescriptionRead a module description in a XML file
 CModuleFileManagerManage classes related to pathes and file reading / writing
 CModuleGUIGeneric Module for GUI classes ( Windows management )
 CModuleGUIAndroidSpecific module for GUI classes ( Windows management )
 CModuleGUIJavascriptSpecific Emscripten GUI module
 CModuleGUIWindowsSpecific Win32 UWP GUI module
 CModuleImGuiGeneric Module for ImGUI integration classes
 CModuleInputGeneric module for input management
 CModuleInputAndroidSpecific module for android input management
 CModuleInputDXSpecific Input Module for DirectX API
 CModuleRendererGeneric rendering module
 CModuleSceneGraphManage all Scenes ( 3D and 2D )
 CModuleSoundManagerManage sound playing and sound object in the scene
 CModuleSpecificRendererAbstract base class for specific renderers, so that they must overload some generic functionnality
 CModuleThreadGeneric module for thread management
 CModuleTimerGeneric module for time management
 CMouseAndroidAndroid mouse management (touch)
 CMouseDevicemouse cursor current position on x axis
 CMouseDXSpecific DirectX Mouse device
 CMouseVelocityComputerKeep track of past mouse mouvement to compute a velocity
 CMPEG4BufferStreamBase class for MP4 video stream playing
 CMPEG4EncoderBase class for MP4 video stream encoding
 CMultiTouchAndroidAndroid multitouch management
 CMultiTouchPinchManage pinch with two touches
 CNode2DA Node2D is the base class for all objects to be added to a 2DLayer
 CNode3DBase class for 3D node in the scene graph ( with a 3x4 matrix )
 CNode3DDelayedA Node3D loading it's sons only when needed
 CNode3DLodDecoratorDecorate Cull method to accep LOD
 CNotificationCenterManage messages between CoreModifiable
 COctreeAn octree subdivide it's bounding box in eight son to manage faster culling / sorting
 COctreeSubNodeNode in an octree
 COpenGLCameraOpenGL implementation of Camera
 COpenGLCameraOrthoOpenGL implementation of Orthographic Camera
 COpenGLHolo3DPanelOpenGL implementation of Holo3DPanel
 COpenGLMaterialOpenGL implementation of Material
 COpenGLRenderingMatrixOpenGL implementation of RendererMatrix
 COpenGLRenderingScreenOpenGL implementation of RendereingScreen
 COpenGLTextureOpenGL implementation of Texture
 CPanelRectangular surface on a plane where collision is detected
 CPassiveColoredMaskObsolete ?
 CPivotUpNode3D updragor to manipulate node like an pivot ( angle+axis rotation )
 CPixelBufferShared interface between all pixel buffer types (allows for generic PixelBuffer pointers)
 CPlanePlane structure for collision purpose
 CPlatformBaseApplicationThis class must not be virtual because there's a double inheritance
 CPNGClassTinyImage specialized for PNG management
 CPointInteretVignetteAn PointInteretVignette is a pop-up created from a model, who give a description of a point of interest
 CRendererDX11DX11 implementation of ModuleSpecificRenderer
 CRendererMatrixRendering matrix
 CRendererOpenGLOpenGL implementation of ModuleSpecificRenderer
 CRendererProfileDrawingObjectDraw profilers
 CRenderingCustomizerChange some rendering states during draw
 CRenderingScreenGeneric "draw surface"
 CRenderingStateKeep current global rendering state
 CResourceDownloaderDownload file from given URL
 CScene3DRoot Node3D for a scene
 CScene3DPriorityCompareStruct to sort scenes
 CSceneNodeAbstract base class for objects in the scene ( Node3D, Drawables...)
 CSemaphoreThread management
 CShaderBaseBase virtual class for shaders
 CShaderInfoUtility class to register shaders
 CShrinkerWUPSpecific UWP framebuffer shrinker
 CSimpleDrawingDraw simple objects..
 CSkyBoxDraw a skybox with a cube texture
 CSoundManagerAndroidManage sound playing for android
 CSpacialMeshBVHBounding volume hierarchy structure
 CSpacialMeshBVHNodeBounding volume hierarchy node structure
 CSplitDataStructBaseStructure used to pass data to splittable task
 CSplittableTaskAbstract class to manage splittable tasks
 CSpriteDraw a sprite in the 3D scene
 CStencilMaskManage stencil buffer mask
 CStepByStepImporterImport an xml and create the corresponding CoreModifiable tree step by step
 CSTLMeshLoaderLoad an STL file and return an old
 CTangentSpaceLODDecide to draw or not children according to tangent space
 CTextureManage a texture
 CTextureFileManagerManage texture to avoid redundant instances
 CTextureHandlerHandle texture drawing. A TextureHandler is used to manipulate a texture or animated texture or sprite in a texture the same way
 CTextureMatrixTexture coordinate ( U V W ) transform matrix
 CTGAClassTinyImage specialized for TGA management
 CThreadManage a thread
 CThreadEventThread synchronisation object Event
 CThreadPoolManagerManage a pool of WorkerThreads
 CThreadProfilerHelper class to profile threads
 CTinyImageBase class for picture file loading
 CTinyImageLoaderContextSupport conversion depending on the context ( ie used to import in supported texture format for given platform )
 CTinyImageUtilsImage manipulation tools
 CTouchableCoordinateSystemA TouchableCoordinateSystem is defined by a rotation, a translation and a scale in 3D space. Finger make him rotate
 CTravPathClass used to store pathes in the scenegraph and draw sorted objects following the right path
 CTravStateBase class used to store current scene traversal state
 CUI3DLinkedItemAdjust position of the UIItem to match a 3D position in a Scene3D
 CUIBoxLayoutAdjust the position of all children according to the box layout
 CUIButtonSimple Button class
 CUIButtonImageButton with three textures ( Up, Down , Over )
 CUIButtonTextThree state button with different texts
 CUICustomDrawDraw non UI objects
 CUIDrawableItemUIItem to be drawn
 CUIDynamicTextManage UI Texts with light html like tags
 CUIFlowLayoutAdjust the position of all children according to a flow layout algorithm
 CUIGridLayoutAdjust the position of all children according to a grid layout algorithm
 CUIGroupButtonManage buttons in a group
 CUIImageJust display an image ( texture ) with different modes
 CUIItemParent class for all UI types ( buttons, texts...)
 CUILayoutAdjust the position of all children according to a layout algorithm
 CUIMapAn UIMap is a class for add a map
 CUIPointInteretAn UIPointInteret is placed on the map to mark an point of interest
 CUIPopUpThis is the upgrador class for a pop-up
 CUIRatioKeeperCreate a zone in screen where design size ratio is kept
 CUIRenderingScreenA Textured UI where the texture display a Rendering Screen
 CUIRoundHUDDisplay a circular menu
 CUIScrollableBase class for scrollable UI
 CUIScrollingMultilineText?? Obsolete ??
 CUIScrollingText?? Obsolete ??
 CUIScrollView?? Obsolete ??
 CUIShapeDelegateDraw parent ui as a shape
 CUIShapeDiscDraw parent ui as a disc
 CUIShapeRectangleDraw parent ui as quad
 CUISliderManage a slider
 CUISliderFillTODO. Manage a slider
 CUISlidersGroupTODO. Manage a slider
 CUISpriteManage sprite. Obsolete ?
 CUIStreamDisplay a video
 CUITextDisplay a text
 CUITextAreaText input UI item
 CUITextInputText input UI item
 CUITextureDraw a texture
 CUITexturedItemTextured UIDrawableItem
 CUIVideoDisplay a video
 CUniformListManage shader uniforms
 CUserPositionGPSAn UserPositionGPS is the class for placed the user on a map
 CValidCharArrayUtility class used by AsciiParserUtils
 CVertexBufferManagerManage vertex buffer for DX11 API
 CVertexBufferManagerBaseVirtual base class for Vertex buffer manager
 CWindowBase class for Window (rendering window)
 CWindowAndroidSpecific Window class for Android platform
 CWindowClickManage mouse click for a given window
 CWindowJavascriptJavascript Window class
 CWindowWin32Specific Win32 Window
 CWorkerThreadThread managed by a pool manager, waiting for tasks
 CXMLAttributeTemplateManage XML attributes structure using string or string_view
 CXMLBaseBase class for XML template structure
 CXMLModuleGeneric module for XML management
 CXMLNodeBaseBase class for templated XML Node class
 CXMLNodeTemplateManage XML node structure using string or string_view
 CXMLReaderFileRead an XML file into an XML structure
 CXMLTemplateManage XML structure using string or string_view
 CXMLWriterFileWrite an XML file from an XML structure