Kigs framework

free and open source C++ modular multipurpose cross platform framework.

Member Variables Naming


We decided to homogenize member variables in our source code. The rule is to use a ‘m’ prefix then variable name with possibly several words starting with uppercase like this :

int mVariableName;

For CoreModifiable attributes, the rule is to have the acces key of the attribute match the variable name :

maFloat mThreshold = BASE_ATTRIBUTE(Threshold, 0.0f);

maString mTextureName = BASE_ATTRIBUTE(TextureName, "");

This way, the KigsDocs and Doxygen tools can treat those attributes in a specific way.

Huge renaming pass

A lot of source code was amended to follow this rule. More changes to come to add comments in our code and so improve code readability and generated docs with Doxygen.